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A festival celebrating New York’s modern design with tours of the city’s most coveted interiors
September 27–October 4, 2013
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Photographs: Elizabeth Felicella.

Salle Residence

In the late 1990s, artist David Salle purchased two interconnected and derelict buildings in Brooklyn, New York. He turned to designer Christian Hubert to combine them into 10,000-square-foot studio and residence. Hubert teamed up with the architect David Fratianne, who together spent two years bringing the project to fruition. It now stands as one of the most iconic architectures in Fort Greene, taking up almost half a city block. Among the home's most stunning features are the artist’s floor-through studio and a third-floor bedroom with a garden-terrace on two sides.

The buildings, which had remained unused for some time, once housed a Masonic temple. Work on the North building consisted mostly of exterior restoration and interior renovation. The south building was extensively modified to create new interior and exterior spaces; its exterior appearance has been radically transformed. The most visible architectural elements of the design are on the upper floors of the south building, where a new zinc-covered roof curves down to become the exterior wall of a projecting three-story extension.

The two upper floors of the townhouse were widened and now open to new terraces. A section of the roof of the north building was also removed to allow the master suite to open to a large private terrace above the dining room. More than 10 years after its completion, the Salle house and studio is as fresh as ever, reflecting the client's care and ongoing refinements to the design and decoration.

Project Designer
Christian Hubert
Christian Hubert Studio

Since the early 1980s, Christian Hubert has designed museum installations, exhibition spaces, and residences for artists, collectors, and scholars. Hubert is known for close-working relationships with clients, always maintaining an ongoing creative dialogue throughout the project. Among his long-standing clients are Lisa Phillips, the director of the New Museum; Barbara Jakobson, the art collector and trustee of MoMA; and the artist David Salle.

Hubert has taught extensively on the East and West coasts of the U.S. as well as in Canada. As a Fellow of the now-legendary Institute for Architecture and Urban studies, he invited David Salle to lecture on his work in 1982. He would subsequently design the artist's Tribeca loft in 1984. Inspired by the juxtaposition of form and texture in Salle’s paintings, and by his collection of mid-century Italian furniture, Hubert used concrete columns, a flagstone interior wall, and a radical collection of materials to create an architectural counterpart to the artist's work.

David Fratianne
David Fratianne Architect, PLLC

David Fratianne has been a registered architect for 24 years. He earned his undergraduate and masters degrees from the Ohio State University, where he has also taught. David moved to New York City in 1989 and worked on prestigious projects like the Guggenheim Museum renovation with Gwathmey Siegel & Associates and a large interior renovation of the New York MTV Headquarters with A+F Architects. In 1996, he opened his own firm and is known for his residential interiors and restorations, retail and commercial spaces, as well as restaurants.

In 2001, DFA worked as the associate architect with Christian Design Studio in Fort Greene, Brooklyn on a large adaptive reuse project for David Salle's residence and studio. The firm's role was to assist in completing the construction documents as well as providing project management during the two-year construction period.

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Saturday: Manhattan
14th Street Loft
Fractal Pad
Lafayette Townhouse
Meatpacking Loft

Sunday: Brooklyn
Dean Street Townhouse
Flavor Paper Pad
Pacific Street Trio
Salle Residence
State Street Townhouse

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